Best Outdoor Floor Fans of 2018

Isn’t summer just the best time of year? Everyone is smiling and the barbecues are burning while the drinks are flowing. Out on your patio the sun is melting your brain…wait…what? Yip! With all the glories of summer, there are still some things that can bring you down. Once that temperature starts to climb, you start to wilt and there is nothing to put a damper on a party on the patio worse than gallons of sweat pouring out of your armpits.

Don’t despair though, we have put together a list of some of the best outdoor coolers around. These are bound to ease the temperature and get you back in the chill zone!

Top Patio Choices

Lasko Portable Floor Fan

You will have to go a very long way to find a better outdoor floor unit than the Lasko 1827 Adjustable Elegance and Performance Pedestal cooler. This one is a definite winner especially at the price.

It is incredibly light, so moving it around is easy, but best of all you don’t need any tools to assemble it. It features wide oscillation and a tilt-back feature to direct the air exactly where you need it.

As to be expected by a blower that moves such a huge volume of air, this item is not silent, but when you’re outside, that’s not going to make much difference.


NewAir Misting Fan

If you’re happy to part with a lot more cash, then the NewAir AF-520B Oscillating Outdoor Misting cooler would be just what you need.

This outdoor misting unit will cool up to 500 square feet of patio space. Its black finish looks classy and complements most outdoor décor.

It is highly durable, so keeping it outside is no problem at all.

This stylish and rugged fellow is guaranteed to keep you cool over the long, hot summer.


Best For Cooling

Want something really smart looking to keep the heat away, then try the Midnight Outdoor Fan from Designer Aire. This item’s stylish European design, a little darker with a metal finish, creates a classic look that brings you a glorious, cooling breeze. Whether you’re having a summer barbecue or partying the day away, you’ll enjoy the hottest days of the year in absolute comfort!

It is made for staying outdoors, so no need to take it into the house, its heavy base will ensure that it doesn’t go anywhere.


Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Here we make a big step up in cost and style to the DecoBREEZE Adjustable Height Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan.

This oscillating outdoor floor unit will add comfort and ambiance to your porch, patio or outdoor living space.

It is constructed of the best quality cast metal, and finished with a weather-proof automotive paint.

Heavy enough to stay in place, it is also light enough to move around when needed. This is a beautiful feature and incredibly functional.


Most Stylish

The Shabby Chic Outdoor Fan from Designer Aire looks more like an indoor unit, but is designed specifically to be kept outside.

This piece oozes style with its off-white weathered effect. This will be a great feature on your patio, a true beauty to behold, while keeping you cool all summer long.

It works like a charm!

Coated with U/V resistant all-weather paint, this one has a heavy base for stability and an ETL “Wet Listed” safety rating with CFGI plug.


Which one should I get?

These items vary greatly in price, so the first consideration should be the price category. Also, do you want a unit that just does the job, or one that is an actual feature? Some of them are rather stylish and can complement your current décor.

Light and Extremely Portable

If you want a something that keeps you cool and is easy to carry around then the Lasko Best Portable Outdoor Floor Fan is the one for you. It offers great value and is easy to assemble too.

Misty Eyed

Want some fine droplets of water to challenge the scorching sun, bring on the NewAir Misting Fan to do the job.

Combination of Style and Cooling

The Midnight Outdoor Fan from Designer Aire blows volumes of air to much the midnight magic style resting upon your patio.

Rugged and Smart

Want a good looking piece for your porch that will stand the test of the elements? The Oscillating Pedestal Fan is strong and weather-proof, staying there to keep you cool no matter what.

Patio Pizzazz

The Shabby Chic Outdoor Fan from Designer Aire is just pure class. You don’t have to turn it on, it looks cool as it is, but let it blow you away with its good looks as well as its cooling performance.

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