Best Velvet Dining Chairs of 2018

If you want to take your dining experience to the next level then the smoothness of this fabric should certainly be a consideration. This is why we have done some research to find the best silky smooth velvet dining chairs for your dinner times.

Top Rated Plush Dining Seats

Tufted Dining Furniture


The Elizabeth Tufted Dark Teal New Velvet Fabric Seats came out the clear winners here. Coming in a set of 2, the quality is just exceptional with an elegance that is unsurpassed. There is no need to put them together as these items arrive already assembled. The old European style will make your dining experience a royal affair, with comfort to match. There are a variety of colors to choose from to suit your décor as well.

Plush Dining Chair


The Kinfine Parsons Plush Velvet dining chairs really pleased us with its simplicity and value. Although you are going to need to assemble them, once completed you will have a luxurious look that will complement your home. Having said that, assembly is rather easy and these items are sturdier than they appear. If you prefer a slightly more conventional look, then these pieces would be a fine choice.

Tufted Seat With Birch Wood Legs


What we loved about the Abbyson Dubois Tufted Dinner Chair was the combination of classic with comfort. Not only does this furniture have the look of elegance, but also the comfort. These come in singles, so even if you just want a feature item, you can order one. Although they only come in one color,  the navy blue velvet is fit for royalty. These chairs require assembly when they arrive, but it is pretty straight forward.

Regal Velvet Navy


What impressed us most about the Skyline Furniture Tufted Dinner Seating was the color. It really exudes the idea of style and quality which is exactly what we look for in this category. The seat is shaped and designed to be stable and comfortable, while maintaining a look that we absolutely love. Although rather elegant, it is not over the top, so it will fit in with more easy living décor as well.

Accent Chairs


We just had to include this Giantex Accent furniture, not only because these are so different from the others, but the finish and quality are just exceptional in their range. They are ordered in a set of two and once assembled they will transform your home. The color is calm and comforting and will blend into your home, while adding a flavor of flair and sophistication.

Which Tufted Dinner Seat To Choose?

Are you a little confused as to choice here? With such a variety it is not difficult to be in this predicament, so here is a summary based on personal requirements to help with your decision.

Classic European Elegance

There is no doubt that the Elizabeth Tufted Dark Teal New Velvet Fabric Seats are top of the list as far as this is concerned. You will need to bring out all the best silverware and stylish cutlery with this extravagant looking furniture. That said, the Abbyson Dubois Tufted Chairs do offer some competition in this area, so it is going  to be a personal choice.

Stylish Simplicity

The Kinfine Parsons Plush Velvet Chairs are for you if you prefer to go for a more neutral look. These pieces will not overwhelm your décor and keep things simple and comfortable if you are not into anything too flashy. If you are just slightly more daring then the Skyline Furniture Tufted Seating would also suit you. These items have a similar overall look, but the color an tufts add some splash to the occasion.


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