How To Choose What Color To Paint Your Interior in 2018


I’ve always found it difficult to choose colors for the interior of my home whenever the issue has come up, I hope the information below helps you to get a little closer to making those choices…

I have put this video here by Karla Dreyer from Karla Dreyer Design who has a few tips on choosing colors.

Her first tip is to determine whether the house is open concept, or separate rooms. In an open concept house it is usually better to keep the color the same, whereas if you have separate rooms you have more freedom to change colors. In these separate rooms you can experiment with a variety of colors as opposed to having to just stick with one particular color as in open designs.

If you are someone who has always shied away from dark colors, either because they tend to make smaller spaces look smaller, or you just prefer things to be brighter, maybe it’s time to take another look. Dark colors are great for bathrooms in particular, or even just to use on a single wall. This is a great way to add an extra dimension to your interior.

When choosing the colors it is also important to ensure that the color blends easily and will match what you currently have in the house. In the picture above you can see how effortlessly these colors all seem to blend. In doing this, you won’t have to go out a buy a whole house full of new accessories. Using a color chart is always helpful too.

Karla has another rather interesting tip in her video about painting your ceilings. She recommends painting the ceiling the same color as the walls in the room, except you should make it a shade lighter. So, instead of going with the usual, everyday white ceiling, add some excitement with color.

In this video below, you can see what the latest trends are with colors. So, if you like to keep things up to date have a look here. I think you’ll get some great ideas from this and she has some really daring colors as well, including a pink front door! You might not want to use them all, but I think you’ll get plenty of inspiration. At worst you’ll know what you don’t want!

I hope that this helps in some way with your paint choices. Please let me know if you have been brave enough to try out any of these ideas.

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