Mold Bomb Fogger Reviews


Mold is a completely natural fungi and is basically everywhere and that is ok. The issues come about when you have a moist environment. This fungus will move in and begin to take over your home, with the bathroom being their favorite spot, due to excess moisture and sometimes poor ventilation. Plumbing leaks, the use of humidifiers in enclosed areas will intensify the problem and should be sorted out immediately.

Fungus growing in your house can lead to adverse health conditions, especially respiratory symptoms. If someone suffers from asthma, this can worsen the difficulty. One should also take care if there are small children being exposed to the spores.

The problem with this fungus is that you generally only see about 10% of it, the rest is hidden beyond sight, so that when you treat only what is clearly visible, you are unfortunately not even beginning to approach the problem.

Especially if your issue is with the porous surface, then you are going to need a fogger. This will help to kill the fungus at its roots and hopefully you can prevent this from becoming a long-term nightmare.

Below we have done a mold bomb fogger review of the options available.


Best Fungal Destroyer

Bomb Fogger

This one gets our stamp of approval as an all-round winner. It  gets to where no other products can and also only one treatment is usually required. It is easy to use, with very clear directions on how to go about the fogging process to rid yourself of the pesky mold. As an added bonus, it will remove the nasty smells as well.

Healthful Home FOG-U Mold Odor Indoor Fogger

The FOG-U Odor Indoor Fogger is great for ridding your premises from allergens from pets and pollen. Use it either as a complete fogging solution, or spray onto specific areas that you wish to target.  It is also good to keep in mind that this product makes use of natural enzymes to eliminate the spores for good. It gets into hard to reach places and can even be used in your vehicle.

Big D 337 Pheno D

If you want a pleasant smell to add to your fogging experience, the Big D comes with a lovely citrus fragrance to neutralize any nasty odors that may be hanging around. This product will get the job done and can even be used in gyms, schools and your automobile.

Bonus Tips

Bleaching Does Not Work

Bleach is a wonderful household disinfectant and comes really close to killing all household germs and bacteria. When applied to mold, however, it just makes it look less visible by changing the color. In some cases it does kill the fungus, but only on the surface. The problem is that the actual membrane under the surface still thrives and may even begin growing more rapidly after the treatment. Unfortunately many people recommend bleach and sit with this problem that is annoying and remains unsolved for them. By all means, clean the rest of your surfaces with bleach though!

Vinegar Can Work..Sometimes

As long as you can reach it and it is not too widespread, then vinegar can do the trick. Pour some into a spray bottle, get some protective gear on and go after the suckers. Please don’t dilute the vinegar, you’re going to need every ounce of strength that is available. Once you have sprayed the vinegar directly onto the mold, leave it to sit for at least an hour or so. Then you scrub away and hopefully get rid of all the nasties. If not,then one of the foggers reviewed above will probably be necessary.


In the video below you can see a slightly different attempt at a solution. This guy actually rented a machine to get rid of his problem…

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