Top 4 Big Tips To Make A Tiny Place Look Huge


Our global village is getting smaller and smaller and so are our houses. Back in the day, our average income grandparents lived in comparative mansions…now, we live in the equivalent of a hallway.

Top 4 Big Tips To Make A Tiny Place Look Huge:

1.       Natural lighting

This is a great way to create the illusion of space. Make sure to have your blinds or curtains in a way that allows plenty of light to come in from outside. Unfortunately this one only works if you don’t have issues with privacy, or if you haven’t yet manage to shake that stalker.

2.       Color consistency

You’ll want your colors to be consistent throughout. That applies to your flooring as well – having tiles on the one side and carpets on the other side of a room breaks it up and gives it that crunched up feel. Your walls should all have the same color throughout as well, with one exception: take the wall at the end of the room and paint it a much deeper shade. This will make the wall seem to recede and will elongate the room, making it appear much larger.

3.       Big furniture

This might sound strange, but rather a few larger items than many small items of furniture work better. A large sofa with a tasteful round table can work really well to make your place an ever expanding home.

4.       Minimalism

Yes, that means de-clutter, move it out, get rid of those precious collections of whatnot’s! Stick to a few items that your really, really need in your home and put the rest in storage until such time as you are able to afford your mansion.

Bonus tip:


Mirrors are great,because they will reflect all that natural light that you let in. This will also help your place to look so much bigger. Another plus is that you will be able to watch yourself all the time and it will be like you’re the star of your very own reality TV show.

There are of course other ways to make your place look bigger such as breaking down your living room wall, but I don’t imagine your neighbor will like that very much. Anyway, try these tips out and see if they help to make your place look a little bigger.

Let m know how it goes, I’d love to hear what worked for you.

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