What Floor To Install If You Have Pets

If you have a pet, particularly a big dog, you should definitely give some consideration to the flooring in your home. Pets can not only damage certain types of flooring, but little accident around the house can leave some nasty smells, along with permanent damage.

Let’s have a look at a few of the options:

1.       Hardwood

This is a tough one because this type of flooring is so popular. Unfortunately pets, particularly large dogs tend to destroy them. They scratch easily and urine will not only cause damage, but the odors will hang around for way too long.

2.       Carpet

Rather obvious this one, but they’re just so cozy and comfortable to lie on. Sadly, carpets are not very forgiving at all and unless your pet is absolutely immaculate, as far as grooming and bathroom habits are concerned, this one is a no-no.

3.       Laminate

A pretty decent and inexpensive option this one. It’s quite resistant to damage and can be easily cleaned. It’s slightly more comfortable than tiles and much easier to keep clean than carpets, putting them somewhere between those two. Scatter a few rugs and you have a rather good solution right here.

4.       Tiles (ceramic and porcelain)

Not so cozy and comfortable for the pets, but very few problems for you. You won’t have any problems as far as damage is concerned and any little “accidents” that may occur can be sorted out quickly and easily. Also, you don’t have to worry about any odors hovering around. This type of flooring does tend to be a bit cold, so some underfloor heating would be great. You also want a few well placed rugs, especially if the underfloor heating isn’t in your budget.

5.       Vinyl

Being the most resilient of the lot, with more comfort for your pet, this would be a sure choice. There are cheap options for vinyl flooring, but it is better to opt for the slightly thicker variety, ensuring better quality and longevity. It’s easy to clean and the most pleasant for your pets out of all the options (besides carpets of course).

No matter what flooring you choose, nothing beats a pet with good bladder control and grooming habits. If you choose your flooring with a good balance between what will be suitable for you as well as comfortable for your pet you should do just fine.

I look forward to reading about your thoughts and experiences.

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